What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy, although gradually Evolving as a Final Proven treatment, has emerged as a Exciting Mode of therapy for Offering Clinical Treatment for hitherto incurable diseases like some forms of Cancer, Advanced Liver disease, Brain injury, parkinsonism, Developmental Brain disorders in Children, cerebral palsy, Multiple sclerosis, Spinal Cord injury, and End stage Lung diseases.

Technologically also there has been revolutionary New research discoveries in Stem cell biology like Stem cell Expansion, Stem cell Differentiation (IPS - yamanaka technique), CRISPER DNA editing and using Viruses inside stem cell to deliver DNA modifying therapies

All therapies used for Actual patient therapies use AUTOLOGOUS stem cells taken from patients own Blood or Bone Marrow and hence are Free from any Harm or side effects.


The Stem cells used for Stem cell injection is taken from either Blood or Bone marrow (60 ml approx). The Stem cells are separated and purified and expanded in STERILE manner and then injected back to the body for intended effect. With expansion Excellent number of cells of tune of 10 million cells is possible. These cells then Home towards the area of disease.